A book about my struggles with my abilities and what I learned on my journey to figure them out. Many fun and interesting stories as well as a lot of tips on how you can balance yourself body, mind and soul. Whether you think you have abilities or not, this book is geared up to help everyone connect more to themselves and the universe that connects us all.


“This book is good!!! It is written from the heart, in a very simple, easy-to-read and down-to-earth style, instead of the complicated mumbo jumbo often – and sadly – reserved to “spiritual” writing.
On top of that, it gives very specific and useful instructions that can help anyone. The beginning of the book, more autobiographical, is super-interesting and it reads like a scary story – it reminded me of the little boy in “The Sixth Sense”!
At first, I really liked the content but didn’t feel it applied to me (I don’t see myself as a psychic). Then, I realized we are all psychic, and we all get messages. We just need to learn how to do it. This book is clarifying so many things for me, and the messages are getting clearer. Thank you so much for writing it!”
Frederique H

“A survival guide for those who have psychic abilities was a great read. Very easy to understand and follow. I have had a few weird thing happen to me in a restaurant I worked at after reading the chapter on spirits vrs ghosts it all makes sense. I also have recently lost two people very close to me and sometimes odd things have happen and I wonder if that could have been a sign or a message this book makes me realize that my love ones are close and it wasn’t just my imagination. I have tried the dowsing rods and can’t get enough it is so crazy accurate. I definitely have learned that I’m not crazy or someone hasn’t been messing with me spirits and ghost do exist. I look forward to a second book I can only hope it is as educating and informative as this one was.” Wendy S 

“Very interesting! Great Book! When I bought this book online , I couldn't wait for it to arrive. When it arrived I spent two days reading it and could not put it down . I love true stories and this one made me tear up in some parts because of what Lisa went through. A very good read , and would tell anyone to read this book.” Debi

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