Group Meditation Program

In today’s stress filled world, we are becoming more and more aware of the strain stress is putting on our bodies and minds.  Many organizations are looking for ways to aid and assist their employees to remove stress and give them the tools to deal with daily obstacles of life.  

Many organizations are being proactive in providing this program to their employees.  It is a complete win/win for any company or organization, by removing anxiety and stress, it will improve productivity and create a happier environment.  

Many medical studies have found that meditation has far more health benefits than most people believe.  Meditation has been proven medically to control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, helps fight insomnia, lengthens attention span, improves focus, and helps us achieve a greater capacity for relaxation, plus many more benefits.

My 30 minute group meditation is simple enough for beginners but still beneficial to people who practice mediation daily.  It teaches employees how to remove the stress and tension from their body and mind.  

My approach is very down to earth, and very easy to follow. I come from a place of complete understanding how impossible it seems at times to meditate. Years ago, when I first started meditation, I thought it was useless and a waste of time.  I could have been “doing” something rather than sitting still.  Now after years of practicing meditation it is one thing I cannot live without.  I know that by taking those few moments to release those stresses and re-energizing allows me to actually get more done in the day. 

Let’s start today and get your team on track to be the happiest, healthiest, productive, successful team around! 

Group meditations $100 an hour (min $100).

Travel time and expenses may apply.