Guest Post - Nadine Dozois


Please let me introduce you to my friend Nadine Dozois and one of the strongest women I know!

Dear Readers…… 



It’s like the calm before the storm. Only the storm never comes. 

My youngest kid headed off to University last September. All the craziness of getting her 

ready to go…… Buying new clothes, new bedding, new kitchen stuff, new toiletries, groceries, 

on and on. Plus making sure that my son also had all he needed for his second year at 

University. Oh…… and let’s not forget the money because kids think our debit cards have 

unlimited funds. You just stick your card in the slot at the Bank et voila……… money falls 

off the tree. 

After the goodbye hugs and the tears (mostly mine), I get in my car to head home. Only this 

time it’s much different than when I dropped my son off the year before. I am completely alone 

in my car and heading to an even bigger empty space. Home………… a nest that is now empty 

after 20 years. 

Who am I? I’m a single mom, business executive whose age starts with a 5*. But who am I 

really? Do I even know anymore? More importantly, who do I want to be? 

Not at any point in my life did I ever foresee myself having an *identity crisis*. Midlife 

crisis yes. That comes with approaching our mature years and it’s socially expected. But who 

has an identity crisis in their 50s? 

Before the kids, I was a business executive, a fitness instructor/competitor, an avid skier, golfer 

etc. After the kids were born, I morphed primarily into the role of mother (single for the most 

part), while maintaining a high stress career. 

Now the kids are gone (but still on the payroll), and I’m perched in my empty nest trying to 

figure out who I want to be when I grow up. Because the single mother role is no longer my 

main identifier. 

It’s tough to focus because the silence in the house is deafening and I’ve always been a person who functions better in chaos. 

But……what the silence has been screaming at me while I walk from room to room looking for stuff to keep me busy is ……… “This quiet time is a gift. Embrace it because it will lead you to the first chapter in Volume 3 of your life”. 

Hhhmmmmm….. what will the first page of Chapter 1 say? Because in reality, I’m writing the book. 

Then it hits me like a Mike Tyson punch....and it sounds like a cliché……before I can decide who I want to be, I’ll have to decide who I don’t want to be. All my senses are now on high alert because my toughest critic – me – is doing a deep dive into the past and let me tell you, some of it is not pretty. The unveiling has started. 

What happened? I was young and often impulsive. I made choices without thinking them through. Who hasn’t right? Even more terrifying is the realization that many times my choices were in fact, not my own, but those of others disguised as my own. Why? Because I did not have the confidence to trust my instincts or to push back or question or simply say *no*. 

Now the onion is peeling so fast I don’t have enough tissues to keep up with the tears. All those years I thought I was this confident, tough, smart person in total control of my choices. Many times I was…many other times I wasn’t. What am I trying to say? Got it……If I had had the confidence to Teach People How to Treat Me, I definitely would’ve averted some of those negative outcomes. 

I’m starting the page on Chapter I, Volume 3 of my life. The opening sentence reads…

** Teach People How To Treat You **

Please feel free to join me as I continue to turn the pages……


Nadine Dozois


Pace Consulting MGA Services

Benefits of Reiki!!!!


Benefits of Reiki!!!!

As a Reiki Practitioner of course I’m a person who promotes the benefits of what Reiki can bring to a person.  But for people who really know me and know the way I approach my sessions and my business as a whole, they know that I’m skeptical about most things. I exam them and test them before I ever promote anything.  I need proof! 

When I first started Reiki, I thought to myself….”I have no idea if this is doing anything”.  I did treatments and I thought, maybe it’s just the fact that people are focused on feeling better and that they “think” they are being helped.  I knew my hands, which are normally cold, became extremely hot – to the point that clients would comment on the fact that they were so warm it felt like a heating pad. Or it’s a form of meditation, the client becomes so relaxed they are able to let go of certain strains and stresses that their body is holding.  

Now after years of doing reiki I realize it does work, it is all about energy and relaxation, which promotes healing in our body.  

I know many people out there who are Reiki Masters feel that Reiki does heal people, I agree and disagree with that statement.  I feel that the energy that flows in and around the body effects how our body works and by adjusting that energy, removing unhealthy negative energy, creating a better flow through the client’s body aids the body in healing.  That includes clearing and balancing the chakras.  

I know “chakra” sounds new age and out there.  But discussion and mention of chakras date back centuries. The best way I can explain a chakra is that they are the energy sources in our body, actually they are more like the pistons that keep the energy flowing within our body.  Think about an engine that has seven pistons moving constantly to keep our vehicle moving, if they are dirty and full of stuff that doesn’t allow them to move properly, even sticking and stopping completely, the vehicle will not run as smoothly as it should, if it will run at all.  And then what happens when one is completely stopped up with stuff it will affect the chakra next to it.  This will create the vehicle to break down, other parts of the vehicle will stop working, or will have difficulties because the fuel (energy) that helps the vehicle run will not be flowing through the vehicle properly. With a Reiki treatment the Reiki Practitioner is able to clear and balance the chakras, making sure they are working properly and moving together to promote a healthy energy flow allowing our bodies to function at its best. In meditation we are also able to cleanse our chakras and make sure they are balanced, but a Reiki treatment is similar as an oil change for your car.  It is a must for the average person to have on a regular basis, but if you run your vehicle (body) at a higher level, for example if you are an athlete or have a physically/mentally demanding job, or if you do a lot of physical activity you should be having Reiki treatments more often.

Reiki for athletes especially those practicing and competing regularly should add Reiki to their routine.  Reiki not only provides healing and muscle recovery after a game/race, it is a must before!  Pre-competition Reiki treatments, provide relaxation, mental focus, energy flow (giving the athlete better endurance as well as more protection against muscle injury). There are many professional athletes adding Reiki to their routines.  This goes for anyone who has a high stressed job.  

Like anything a Reiki treatment once a year will help you in the moment but will not have a total impact on your life, just like getting a message once a year.  In order to take advantage of the benefits that Reiki can bring to our lives and bodies you need to have treatments on a regular basis.  

The other thing I think is amazing about Reiki is that it doesn’t matter your age, Reiki will benefit you.  I have had the pleasure of doing Reiki on some children that are challenged with ADHD/ADD and their parents felt they’d never lie on my table for the full hour treatment, but after a few minutes the children relaxed and allowed the treatment to focus them and relax their constant need to move and helped them calm and focus their thoughts.  

The benefits that Reiki provides are numerous and priceless. 



Spiritual Development - Growth and Frustration!


Over the last year or so I have been on an incredible journey of growth.  As I explained in my book “A Survival Guide for those who have psychic abilities and don’t know what to do with them” how I work with my abilities now is completely different than how I worked with them 10 or 15 years ago.  But what I didn’t realize fully was how incredibly different and important this last year of growth has been.  

I slowly started noticing small changes over a year ago with how I was doing my sessions.  My clients didn’t notice a difference I was still providing them with all the information they required to move forward and be successful in their lives.  But I did, normally when I did sessions spirit was front and centre, they were showing themselves and in my face.  Now although I know that my clients loved ones are in the room when I’m doing a session, I’m working more closely with my guides to provide the information.  It is more about utilizing the information solely to aid the clients.  A couple of years ago although a majority of my sessions were life coaching with dead peoples help there was still an element of confirmation regarding who was visiting and providing the answers.  I still sort of fit into what people consider “a medium”.  Now my sessions have completely flipped to being full on life and mind set sessions.  I still get all my information from spirit, whether that is my clients guides, loved ones on the other side or mine.

As I’m writing this and reflecting on the last year of sessions, I just realized that I was starting to work more and more with people’s guides than their loved ones on the other side.  In the past I rarely saw guides! 

Why am I talking about all of this? Well, as my mentoring side of my business grows, I’m getting more and more questions from the students about “when”, and “will I ever”.  Developing any ability takes time, whether that’s spiritual abilities or learning an instrument, career movement or sports.  In order to hone anything, we need to focus, practice and use it.  You can’t learn to master the piano or become an NBA star in a 4-week class.  It depends on many factors, how much time you put into learning and practicing, how much natural ability you have, and the understanding that it isn’t about the destination it’s the journey!  

For me my journey to hone my abilities has taken me to places I’ve never thought I’d be.  I started out thinking I had one ability and what do I do with that.  Slowly and I mean slowly, and as I mentioned before a lot of that had to do with the fact that I didn’t embrace my natural abilities and I didn’t practice, I turned away from it as much as I could until I couldn’t turn away any longer.  It led me to doing medium and tarot readings, those readings turned into life coaching with spirit, reiki, and teaching.  It then led me to become a worldwide published author.  And now it seems that I’m moving in the direction of mind set, mentoring and helping others connect to themselves and the universe so they can have the best life they can!  And even after honing my abilities for almost 20 years they are still changing and evolving! 

Spiritual development is a journey! And not one of us has the same journey to walk.  As frustrating as I know it can be at times when you are attempting to learn, and hone and you do not feel like you are connecting to those lessons the key is to keep at it.  Never compare your journey to others, there are too many factors in each of our journeys why one person may be able to have results quicker than you.  And you may just end up having results in another area where others may not. 

But I’m sorry, I’m here to tell you with this blog that there is no end to the destination!  Hence why it’s not about the destination.  We may reach certain achievements only to continue on learning and changing to move towards the next.  And developing your spiritual abilities is exactly the same.  

It is a life time of learning, honing and growth (evolving)!  And to understand that is exciting! It is what life is about.  Constantly growing and evolving as a person and a soul and then seeing where it is leading you!

I remember when my husband was going to culinary school and he was being taught by an amazing man who is a French Master Chef – for those who don’t understand “Master Chef” isn’t just a name, it is a process and for lack of a better word a degree you earn, like “DR.” but it’s even more than that it is an intense process that a handful of chefs go through with multiple tests. With only a few coming out of the process earning the title!  It is VERY difficult to earn.  This Master Chef said to his class that after many years of honing and working he is still learning, he learns new skills and techniques daily whether that was from his students or other professionals.  His thoughts evolve with this information.  How he thought about preparing and presenting food is constantly changing.  And as a human the way he thought a kitchen should run has changed and evolved. Which has changed his perspective of life as well.  There is no destination for him, he is just constantly moving forward.

As frustrating as it can be to see no results, trust me if you keep going it will all connect.  But the one thing I constantly tell my students is the importance of a strong foundation.  If you focus on learning the key things, everything will move forward. 

What are those key things?  Patience, and letting go!  Both are extremely difficult to master but once you do it all starts to flow.  I will do blogs on how to work on achieving those in the coming days.  There are other elements to the foundation as well.  But those are two that change your spiritual development and your life as a whole! 

Len Almeida - Guest Blogger - Coaching minor sports and what it's taught me!


It is with great pleasure that I am introducing you to my good friend Len Almeida!  Len is an entrepreneur and owner of Vikings Landing which is set to open in spring 2019 in Burlington, Ontario!  I was blessed to meet him as a client and over the years we have grown to be good friends. I have enjoyed watching him grow personally and career wise.  There is never a day that goes by that I’m not impressed and inspired by Len’s drive, ambition and kindness!  Thank you Len for contributing to my blog!  You’re the best!!!!


Coaching minor sports and what it’s taught me!


When Lisa asked me if I could write a blog for her website, I automatically became excited at all the possibilities of what I could write about.  I first thought I could write about how Lisa, as my life coach, has been an incredible person in helping me down my journey.  Then I thought about writing of events in my professional life that has guided me to where I am today.  Then that led to thinking about writing of mindsets, confidence and staying true to who I am, regardless of perceptions or pre-conceived notions. All of that would have been a great experience but I wanted to focus on what I am doing today, with Lisa’s help, to stay balanced.

I first met Lisa about 6 years ago.  At that time, I was looking for help with something just wasn’t sure what it was. I was in a strange place in my life like many of you I would guess.  As time passed, the one constant still stayed the same……balance.  Balance is and will always be a life lesson for me.  I’ve always felt that if I am not putting all my energy into something, then I wouldn’t feel like I’ve met my expectation. Work hard, play hard as they say.

In February of 2018 something amazing happened to me.  I had just moved into my new place and on a Sunday night, I was watching Home Town Hockey. The show was broadcasted from Brampton, Ontario.  The city in which I was born and raised and where I coached hockey for many years until I moved to a new city in my mid thirties.  As I was sitting on my chesterfield, I was filled with a tremendous amount of nostalgia.  Such great memories of my time as a hockey coach.  I don’t think I spent more than 2 minutes thinking about it when I emailed Glenn at the hockey office asking if they were still looking for coaches.  The rest they say is history, I’m back doing something that I loved to do.

Our hockey season began in March with tryouts.  We had a quick parent meeting in the summer and then didn’t get back together again until September.  Our season can be summed up in one word really, inconsistent but this blog isn’t about that.  This blog is about balance and how a 12-year-old taught me that crucial lesson.

It’s one of those moments that will forever be ingrained in my memory.  Late November and light flurries falling.  A little chilly but nothing to complain about to be honest. We were playing a team that we had already played numerous times throughout the season.  The game wasn’t a “barn burner” by any means but it was exciting.

Inside the rink, it felt colder than outside and the flurries outside were finding their way inside through the vent in the ceiling.  The players on our team were fully engaged in the game.  Focused, committed and confident in what needed to be done.  If you have ever been in an arena, you know that there is a lot of noise throughout the entire building.  It’s interesting because to me, it’s just white noise.  I don’t really focus on what the noise was specifically, just that it was background noise.  Similar to playing music while doing household choirs.  As the game was being played, I happened to look down at a player on the bench.  We’ll call him Timmy.  Timmy was next up, meaning he was next on the bench to go on the ice.  The other players around Timmy were standing between the bench and the boards to get a better view of what was occurring on the ice but not Timmy.  Timmy was sitting on the bench, completely focused on one thing…….snow flakes!!! Yes, snow flakes.  As the game is being played and the families are cheering, Timmy was sitting on the bench catching snow flakes that were coming in through the ceiling vent on his sleeve and watching them melt.  Picture that for a moment.  A 12-year-old, with all this excitement, passion and competitiveness all around him, sitting on the bench completely mesmerized by miniscule snow flakes.

At that moment, the game was just a game for Timmy.  He was in complete balance because to him, catching and watching a snow flake melt on his sleeve was just as important as what was happening on the ice.  How amazing is that?  Timmy taught me a very important lesson on that Saturday morning. No matter how chaotic life gets or how important I think something is, without keeping it in perspective and without fully understanding that balance in life is key, it will always be a work in progress.

I am not 100% balanced but thanks to Timmy and Lisa, I am much better at it today then I was a couple of months ago.    

I Do Not Have Any Psychic Abilities! Or Do you?


During my book tour I have heard this statement over and over again. People would come up to me to talk and say, “oh interesting topic but I don’t have anything like that, although once in awhile”…and they proceed to tell me stories of seeing things or thinking about someone and they call or just getting a feeling about a situation and it happens.  

My belief is that EVERYONE has some kind of ability.  I’m not a big fan of the word psychic.  So why is the title of my book what it is? Well the publishers felt it was a better title, and they had their reasons, (the definition of psychic is not what most people think) so I went along with it.  The word psychic to me is thought of in the outside world of spirituality (and actually even in the world of spirituality), as the ability to see the future, and even I don’t have that ability myself.  Inside the spiritual world we discuss the “clair’s”, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair this and clair that.  There is a clair for every type of ability out there. There is one for tasting, hearing, seeing, feeling, the list goes on.  “Clair” is French for clear, so it’s clear seeing, clear hearing, clear smelling etc.  Funnily enough my maiden name is Le Clair – the clear! Kind of interesting really.  

I really struggled with all the “clairs” when I was attempting to hone my abilities.  I, like many people out there do not fit solely into one “clair”.  For me once I honed my abilities, I learned that a lot of it has to do with the spirits around me and their abilities to communicate with me. Some may not be able to talk, others may not be able to show themselves to me, others may only let me know they are around by a smell.  So, I am not a single “clair”. 

I feel we all have the ability to connect to all the “clairs”, some just might be stronger for us than others.  Even after honing and using my abilities for years, I rarely get random messages for the future, it’s just not how my abilities work.  When I speak with spirit, they may inform me about a future happening, but I am only given that kind of information once in a while.  

My mission or one of them, because I have many! Is to show the “average” person who doesn’t think they have any abilities that they do and that they could enhance their life by connecting to it and using it to guide them in their life.  

To me these “psychic” abilities are an internal GPS that we all have, mine may work a bit differently than yours but yours works just as strongly as mine.  Imagine if we all learned to listen to that GPS, we would navigate situations at work, in relationships and personally a lot easier!! 

Many people feel they have random experiences and can’t explain why it happened, and those maybe random.  But everyone uses their abilities daily without even knowing that they do.  We constantly use them in our careers; we listen to our “gut” when we are making decisions, or we are driving and our “gut” tells us we should take this road and not that road; and we avoid being stuck in a traffic jam, we meet someone and we just feel something isn’t right or we feel that this person we can trust.  All of those situations are us listening or I should say hearing our spiritual abilities.  

Part of me doesn’t even like calling them spiritual abilities, it’s more our 6th sense.  And that 6th sense is all inclusive of the “clairs”.  We utilize our other 5 senses without even thinking about it, we touch something and feel, smell something, taste something, see something and hear something and it just happens.  The same applies to our 6th sense it just works.  And then there are those people who have one sense stronger than the others, super tasters as an example. But the fun and exciting thing is with all of our senses we can train and hone them to utilize them better to enhance our lives.  

It’s not about “psychic” paranormal abilities it’s that everyone of us has a 6th sense and we can all learn to enhance it and utilize that sense to help us navigate our lives. 



Baby Steps! Getting out of your own way!


As I sit and attempt to write a mindful life altering blog while my son is rocking it out with his drum line during practice, I realize I’m putting way too much thought and pressure into this.  For the last few months I have struggled with what direction I wanted to take my writing in as well as my business.  I absolutely know what impact I wanted to make in people’s lives and what I want to help them with, but I was researching, writing thoughts and thinking way too much rather than doing. I am focusing on the outcome rather than the actual “doing”. And as I sit here, I realize that this applies to everything we do in life.  Yes, I have taught this a million times, yes, it literally comes out of my mouth a number of times a day, but it is amazing how saying it and doing it in our own lives are two completely different things.  Kind of obvious I know but it is what most of us do, we stand in our own way! 

I am a hermit by nature, an over thinker, over analyser but I have been so stuck lately that I couldn’t see the trees for the forest.  I was not listening to one of the major lessons I often teach my clients and students.  It’s the baby steps that matter and the “doing” more then anything. I was stuck in the “try” zone for some reason, fooling myself that I was “doing” by researching and what’s really funny is I kind of understood that and could feel I was stuck, but in my typical fashion it made me try to figure out why (again another lesson I teach my clients NOT to do), instead of just applying what I know and “doing” myself out of being stuck!  

Sitting here listening to these amazing drummers who belong to the largest and oldest Canadian Marching band I realized I needed to be more like them, oh and did I mention they are 13 to 19.  I needed to jump in and “do” stop over thinking and let myself connect to the energy around me and allow the words to flow like they normally do when I’m not in my own way.  And then I needed to “do” something with it.

I sat down with every intention to write about mind set and the importance of it.  But now I realize that the first step in mind set isn’t re-training our thinking it’s about getting out of our own way so we can actually work at re-training our mind set. 

I know that of course and I teach that on a daily to others, but sometimes when we are so in trenched in our lives, we don’t see what we are doing. And I am clearly standing in my own way.  Yes, the next steps in re-training our mind set are really important and without those steps we will not be balanced and achieve things in our lives.  BUT, we will never get to that stage if we don’t get out of our own way.  I mean seriously I am lying on a futon in front of my path to my goals, I am draped across a road block wrapped in a comfy comforter.  I am super uncomfortable but strangely comfortable at the same time. That road block I draped myself across was the latest block I’ve come up against.  And like everyone they show up when we have shifts in our lives and decisions to make.  Fears rise up and doubts creep in.  

It is super annoying.  I was thinking today about the devil and angel scenario, one on one shoulder and the other on the other.  The angel is our positive mind set, this angel helps us over-come doubt, fear, self-worth.  The devil is the mind set destroyer, this devil is the road block construction architect (I was picturing this little devil with a construction hat on and pile of bricks beside him). In life no matter how successful you are you still deal with these two on your shoulders.  You just become better at learning how to ignore the road block architect and not allow him to lay one of those bricks.  

Like many of my clients and other’s readings this I am an empath, this is not an excuse, but it is an added layer to the road block, it is the icing on top of the road block.  We use so much of our energy, knowingly and unknowingly helping others that we have little to help ourselves.  We need to learn to balance ourselves body, mind and soul before we can move forward in our lives.  For an empath that can be difficult, it is a daily struggle, but it is possible.  We need to allow others to walk their own paths and we need to create boundaries.  This allows us to help but not over help and to have the energy to help ourselves and start “doing” in our own lives for our well-being, which funnily enough will give us more energy to help more people.

For years I’ve helped my clients shift their mind set from “trying” to “doing”.  I have looked at why we “try” instead of “do” from many different perspectives.  The one common theme is fear.  Fear of failure, and success, and this fear is woven within self-worth and how we value ourselves.  But it wasn’t until just recently that I realized that there comes a point in all of our lives where we need to hold a mirror up to ourselves and give ourselves a good talking to.  You can read every self-help book out there, try different techniques, and accept yourself.  But in order to achieve things in our lives we need to get up off that futon, kick it aside and start moving forward.  This goes for weight, career goals, personal relationship, you name it and it is the same. As we have all heard a million times, it’s the first step that is the hardest!  And it is true.  We need to stop focusing on the outcome, the future, the goal. We need to stop looking at our goal as a huge mountain or staircase and just focus on the now, what the first baby step is then we can all achieve our goals!  

I always tell my clients that focusing on the top stair is deflating and feels impossible to reach it.  But if you focus in the stair you are on and working towards stepping up to the next step before you know it you are on your way to the top!  Stop over thinking how to get to the top stair just focus on what you need to do right now.  Get out of your own way, and step on that stair today!  Trust me each step has its rewards and it will be the best decision you have ever made to just focus on that baby steps and do what you can do today!



New Spiritual Development Program!


Spiritual Development Program

I am so excited to introduce my new mentoring programs!  

I have been working with clients one on one and in group setting for almost 20 years.  I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to mentor some amazing people, helping them connect to their spiritual abilities enabling them to achieve their goals spiritually as well as their personal life and career goals.  

I feel EVERYONE has the potential to connect to their spiritual abilities, intuition, gut feeling, whatever you want to call them.  I KNOW that connecting to them will change your whole life giving you the tools to achieve everything you have always wanted to in your life.   I have witnessed my clients moving from struggling with their spiritual gifts, personal relationships, finances and career advancement.  Feeling out of balance and lost personally, stressed and full of anxiety.  As the weeks progress with my mentoring program their lives moved forward, their mind set changed. They started to connect to their spiritual abilities, started to trust them, and learned to manifest their goals and aspirations effectively. They are no longer struggling the way they had in the past.   Success now flows into their lives. 

My new spiritual development program is the result of years of working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life and I’m so happy to finally be able to offer it to everyone online.   

This program is 100% customized to your skill level, interests and progress.  As well as allowing you the option for the speed and intensity you want to work at.  I will help you to develop your connection to your spiritual abilities and yourself.  I will also aide you with any life lessons you need help navigating during the program, we will work on what is stopping you from achieving your full potential!  

My mentoring being completely customized to each person is the key to my client’s success. By asking a few important questions when setting up the mentoring and getting to know you more, allows me to customize the program and since progress is individual, we will adjust the mentoring to get you the best results as the weeks pass.  Connecting to your spiritual abilities and learning to use them to enhance our lives can be a slow process when you are doing it alone or in a group setting.  By working one on one with me I will be able to mentor your growth and adjusting as we move along so you get the best results. 

There will be homework and with the customization of the program I will provide a suggested reading list and a must read list. As well as some weekly worksheets.  Totally customized and geared at each person’s rate of advancement.  I will work closely with each person to move them towards their goals and beyond.  I will introduce you to different techniques to use to help you connect, as well as some helpful hints and other fun tricks I’ve learned in my many years of developing my spiritual abilities and working with others developing their lives and moving towards their life goals.  

I will also provide customized meditations.  These meditations will be specific to you, your skill level with meditation and what we are focusing on during the mentoring.  This alone will change your life!

I have designed the mentoring with three options; 

Platinum Level - for those people who want to immerse themselves completely. This level is working every day on learning and developing your spiritual abilities. Having the ability to connect to a mentor a number of times in the week to answer questions and keep you moving towards your goals.

Gold Level – for those people who want to take it at a serious pace but not too fast. Gold level is for people who are looking for one on one mentoring to keep them moving towards their goals but only want to connect with the mentor one on one once a month.  

Silver Level – for those people who really want to develop their spiritual abilities on their own time but want help with development and have a mentor that can guide them to get the best results. Silver is for people who really want the guidance of a mentor while having the ability to work on their own. 

Here is the break-down of what each level includes and the fees.

Monthly Programs Include;

Platinum Level;  

Initial Set Up questionnaire

5 email focus question from client a week,

One 45 minute to an hour recorded customized lesson/session, includes homework/reading/worksheets and customized meditation a week

45 minute one on one phone/video meeting to review homework and discuss challenges and successes a week.

$1200 a month

$3000 for 3 months

Gold Level;

Initial Set Up questionnaire 

Two email focus question from client a week and homework review, 

One 45 minute to an hour recorded customized lesson/session, includes homework/reading/worksheets and bi-weekly customized meditation

45 minute one on one phone/video meeting to review homework and discuss challenges and successes once a month 

$700 a month

$1900 for 3 months


Silver Level; 

Initial Set Up questionnaire

One email focus question from client a week, homework review and an email discussing challenges and successes a week

One 45 minute to hour recorded customized lesson/session, includes homework/reading/worksheets 

One customized meditation per month 

$450 a month

$1200 for 3 months 

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A Shocking But Not So Shocking Outcome!


I have been doing the promotion for my book and I’ve had my miss steps and my up-hill challenges…not everyone embraces the concept of my book and what I do for a living.  I totally understand that, and I can appreciate other people’s belief systems. What I find the most interesting and sad is the people who won’t even listen to another view point. 


In this journey I’ve had to overcome many fears and learn many new skills.  The main one which I’ve talked about before is self-promotion!  I’m not a person who is great at tooting my own horn, but over the last few months I’ve slowly but surely learned to say “toot, toot”.  That is why when I contacted a local newspaper and the editor decided to do an article about me and my newly released book, I was very pleased with myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.  


The paper sent a photographer to take photos of me holding my book, I hurried down to the offices of the paper to leave a copy of my book for the journalist who was writing the piece.  A few weeks later I received interview questions from her and the article was set to be published. I was weirdly excited to see it in print!  I was proud of myself for doing the self-promotion, and I was wrapping my head around the community seeing an article about me and getting attention for myself and my book through it.  I felt great about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 


A week or so later another parent at my son’s drumline practice mentioned to me that his wife had seen the article and that she said it was a well written and a good article on me.  I was excited to get home to read it.  But what happened was confusing.  I rush in, pull out my computer type in the paper website and see the title of the article. I click on it and it isn’t there! What? It was taken down.  I wait a few days, meditating on it, many fears surfacing.  I finally reach out to the editor and the journalist.  No word back from them.  


Finally, about a week later the journalist reaches out and says….. “the article was pulled because other editors at the paper felt the topic was too sensitive.”  She informed me that a shorter version would be re-published.  Which it has, and it is a few nice lines, but not an article that I was hoping for.  But I guess I can look at it as great promotion for myself and my book.  I was really just hoping to be able to bring information forward about my message to more average people who are searching for a connection in their lives. 


It does make me sad that we, in this day are still closed minded to other ways of doing things.  That people are so closed minded to not educate themselves on other’s beliefs. I think if people did open themselves up to learning and listening, they may just find out that we are all not that different from each other.  We just all have different perspectives of the same thing.  


Guest Blog - Gail Sylvester - Mortgage Broker


This is an introduction to a good friend of mine and someone who I’ve had the pleasure to work with on my journey and her’s. We have learned a lot together and we are both of similar thinking of how we want to help others body, mind and soul! She will be contributing blogs on all these topics.

Next week I will be conducting an interview with her which I will post on this blog and we will be taping it for future use as a podcast that we are planning to bring to you. We will be discussing finance advice as well as spiritual lessons within that, plus many other things. Because when Gail and I get together our topics go all over the place which just proves my theory that everything is connected!!

I’m so happy to have Gail contributing to this blog! It is an honour to introduce you to my dear friend Gail Sylvester!!


Great question ! I always had aspired to work at the bank when I was younger, I thought it was my dream job, it was so cool to work with all that money. Boy, if I only knew then what I know now ... lol

Throughout high school I had worked at part time retail jobs in the mall, but my girlfriend landed a job working at the bank part time when they extended their hours. She worked less hours than I did but made more money, so that was the turning point - I had to work there too, it paid so well.

After working at various retail management positions, I got my start at the bank. I started as a teller and worked my way to the personal banker role within a really short amount of time. I loved what I did, I was helping clients and making a difference in their lives.

Over the years, I became the girl that everyone would come to when a client came into the branch looking for a mortgage. I understood the underwriting concept, how to put the numbers together so it worked not only on paper, but also for my clients cash flow. But I was soon realizing that I couldn’t do everyone’s mortgage that I met with, I was limited in my options as I worked for 1 bank. Any declines I would get, I would refer to a Mortgage Broker as she had options that I never had. She would ask me why I didn’t get into the brokering business and I felt I couldn’t since I had a young family, I needed the stability of the bank and a steady paycheque. It was scary jumping into the unknown of a commission pay world ... but then one day, I took the leap ! I placed that call, met with the Mortgage Broker, I talked to colleague of hers that was also new in the brokering world so I could get a better idea of what to expect. I met with a few different brokerages then went with the company that felt like the right fit for me.

Turns out the brokerage wasn’t the right fit after all and I switched to a different brokerage within the year. But without this brokerage, I would not have connected with the ladies that I still work with today, 11 years later. The 3 of us stuck together and transferred together.

I’m so fortunate to be here and getting to do what I had always wanted to do. I took the leap of faith and never looked back. Never once did I doubt myself and never ever was there a Plan B - it was just going to work. So with hard work, focus, dedication and passion for what I love to do, I’m still here in the business and continuing to grow each and every year, thanks to you - my clients !

But stay tuned for what this next year holds .. cause now, I’m only just at the beginning of making a difference in your life !! :)

Stepping out of our comfort zone! 

The last few weeks have been a huge adventure and a learning experience.  I’m not sure exactly all the lessons that I have learned from this experience, but I am aware of a few.  The main one being stepping out of our comfort zone is a must in life.  


Over the last few months I have been learning a lot about self-promotion, which is so far from who I am that I’ve really had to reach beyond my norm, and honestly it has been extremely uncomfortable at times but extremely rewarding at other times.  I am and have always been a humble person.  Over the years I had learned a little bit that being too humble can actually be a detriment, just like being an egomaniac is.  But this process of being an author and having to self-promote has taken it to a completely different level of understanding.  


I had naively thought “I will get a publisher and then they will do all the promotion and selling of my book”, boy was I wrong.  Don’t get me wrong they have done a fabulous job, but their job only goes so far, there is a point where as the author you need to take the reigns and self-promote yourself and your book.  This process since my book was released has taught me so much that relates not to just becoming an author but to everything in life.  


I’m not saying that we should all become egomaniacs walking around being narcissists what I’m saying is that we need to learn to balance our humility.  We can be completely humble but know that we have purpose and that we kick ass.  That there are things that make us who we are that are truly wonderful.  Whether that is in our careers, our friendships and our love relationships. Yes, we all suck at some things, that is what makes us human and keeps us humble.  But if you recognize that we are all in the trenches learning and that no one is better than the other, yet we are all special then we would all be more successful in our lives.  


So, back to the last couple of weeks….in this journey of self-promotion, I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and contacted a nation wide tv show.  The producer contacted me within a few hours and I was set to be on “The Marilyn Denis Show = Master Class Makeover”.  This was a huge step out, I hate getting my photo taken, never mind being in front of a camera on national television.  But I thought “I stepped forward on my path and the universe thought that it was a good idea for me, so they lined up everything and made it happen – I need to go for this no matter how uncomfortable I am.”  Besides, it may be fun to get a complete makeover, what woman out there hasn’t thought about having one in their lifetime. 


The first day of filming was fun, there were three of us going to be on the show.  They took us individually to interview us on camera about our fashion, or lack there of. We had to stand in front of the camera in our problem outfits and then we met the stylist and got to try on a bunch of different clothes that he had picked for us.  I have to say this is the best way to clothes shop, having someone else do it for you. 


The next adventure a few days later was hair.  Now this is where my lessons really start to show their ugly but wonderful faces.  I show up and meet with the woman who is going to colour my hair.  An amazing talented woman, who is incredible at her job. If you look at my website you will see that I have, had, will again very soon, THANK GOD I HAVE SHORT HAIR, salt and pepper hair.  The stylist discussed with me about colouring my hair when we were trying on clothes, I said I didn’t really want to go dark again, but I’d be open to more grey in my hair or even all grey.  Well what was waiting for me was an extreme.  Now, it is worth saying that I have ALWAYS wanted to go blonde, but never had the guts, and honestly something in me always felt it wasn’t for me, but I’m a bit of a rebel and was always attracted to the extreme of going from black hair to blonde.  The colourist at the salon sat me down, pulled up some photos on her phone that the stylist had sent her and there looking at me was photos of white blonde hair. 


A ton of things ran through my head in a second; my husband will hate it, I’ve always wanted to do it, it’s just hair, will I look stupid, I love my salt and pepper hair and that I have the balls to be grey when most women don’t, and the one thought I settled on was…..I’m on a makeover show, embrace it and go for it…there is a reason for everything.  The next thing I know I’m getting my hair bleached.  Three ½ hours later I walked out of the salon a white blonde.  It was funky, there were things I liked about it.  But man, the up keep will be brutal and fast approaching.  I have short, and I mean short hair, my black hair will be showing in weeks and then it will really get interesting.  But I held on to the, it’s a makeover show, so go for it.  


The response to my hair was quick and not so fun.  I had two teams of people, the I love it and I wish I could do it, and the other team who hated it, they didn’t dislike it, they HATED it.  What this forced me to do was really hunker down to reality and what matters the most, what did I think of it.  It doesn’t really matter what others think, even if it’s your husband who every time he walks in a room that you’re sitting in he growls shakes his head and leaves.  It only matters what you think and feel. Even with all the up and down emotion with this, I honestly didn’t feel like myself.  I have always prided myself on being authentic to who I am, and this felt off.  But I was in it now and I thought maybe, just maybe it’s so extreme and so new that I would settle in it, I mean after all we are not our hair.  There are women who change their hair monthly.  I was putting too much energy into, or so I thought. Now I understand one of the lessons within it. 


The day of the shoot came a week later.  I was strangely numb to the whole thing.  Was it that my hair experience was so extreme that nothing could freak me out or was I just in a place knowing that I could do this.  I have no idea to this day, I think it may have even been a fight or flight response, almost like an out of body experience.  It almost doesn’t feel now like it happened…until I look in the mirror.  My friend came with me and we made a day of it. The outfit I ended up in was extreme to my personality and nothing that I would have picked, but by this point I was just totally owning the experience.  We got to keep the outfits, which was really cool, some of it I will wear again, some will take up real estate in my closet as a memory of lessons learned.  


All in all, it was an amazing adventure.  I met some great people, and I did learn about some fashion tips that I will take forward into my life.  But as I sit here typing this with chocolate brown hair, yes, I couldn’t handle walking past the mirror another day with shocking blonde hair, and yes, my dark hair was already growing in and I so desperately wanted to just erase the mistakes I made.  Ok, Ok, they were not mistakes, they were for many reasons, but the main reason that is blaringly obvious to me after only a couple days is the importance of being authentic to ourselves, while also pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. 


What I have learned about myself and working with other empaths is that many times we know what we need to do but because we are so busy helping everyone else walk their paths, we often don’t have the energy or time to focus on ourselves.  It takes being pushed into a corner before we ever do something for ourselves.  My Marilyn Denis Show appearance was definitely a shove into a corner by the universe.  And yes, I’m going to be that woman who saw herself on TV and it was an OMG moment, I need to take care of myself, I AM NOT the best me.  I am a huge believer that we do not need to be super skinny to look our bests, some of us are curvy and rock that, but we also know how we feel physically and how we want to present ourselves and what I saw on that screen was not the best me.  Again, I have known this for a while and talked a good talk about doing something to be better, but this was the kick I needed.  


I had gotten into a funk physically, I needed the push to get back to reality and take care of myself body, mind and soul.  Life always gets in the way of us taking care of ourselves. I started this blog a long time ago and with self-promoting my book, book signings, and life in general, it fell by the side, and so did my attempt at balance and taking care of myself. I’m a huge believer that it is all connected, if we feel crap about ourselves, we will not dress well, if we dress better, we feel a tiny bit better, if we eat better, we feel better physically and mentally, if we can balance it all we will feel amazing!!!  And a lot of that comes from the soul work as well.  


So, I think that this opportunity was the kick in the butt I needed to realize what I needed to focus on and what I didn’t.  What is important and what isn’t.  And most importantly that they, our guides and the universe are always trying to help us learn our lessons and be the best us.  


I think the bottom line is to always be our authentic self and then work on shining as YOU!!! 



The Not So Medium, Medium!

Well, this is my first blog in this journey to become the best me, body, mind and soul.  In these blogs I will share with all of you my trials and tribulations when it comes to fitness, food, and well being.  I am 51, dancing with pre-menopause, which just makes this journey that much more difficult.  BUT, honestly I think there is hope.  I feel like I’m just PMS-ing 28 days of the month.  I’m craving food that I’ve never craved and I’m putting on weight even when I’m being “good”.  But.... I know I keep saying that, but….I really just want to be the best me.  If that isn’t a skinner version of me then I’m totally ok with that…well…not totally, but …. I am understanding that I want to look and feel better, and that doesn’t always come with being skinner.  

My name is Lisa Anne Rooney, I am a Spiritual Medium Life Coach and Author.  I spend my days in sessions with clients advising them with spirits help how to be the best them.  Yet in typical fashion I do not always listen to spirit for myself.  I do listen regarding spiritual advise, how to be the best me spiritually.  Honestly, though, if I’m being truthful, that isn’t that difficult for me, my spiritual abilities are strong and to connect to that is like breathing, it just comes naturally.  Where I struggle is the body and mind.  

I know that the mind is something that is a major deciding factor in our lives.  Mindset is everything and the soul and mind work hand in hand.  But having free will, thanks universe, we can screw up a lot of progress and block things from coming to us simply by our mindset.  

Our body, our vessel, if the mind is the captain, our body is our ship, the soul is the engine.  Without one the others don’t work.  If we can get them all working to their highest and best they will automatically work with each other bringing us into balance and allowing us to shine and be the best us.

Ok, so now you see that I totally get it in theory.  Putting it into practice is the goal and the challenge.  So, on this journey I’m going to “attempt” to figure out the easiest and simplest way of doing it.  And I know what my guides (spirits that are here to help us) will say, I’m complicating the situation.  It’s simply a choice, remove TRY from my sentences and replace it with “DO”!  As Yoda says “Do or Do not do…there is no try”.  

I know this is hundred percent true.  But why do I and others self-sabotage I know some of us have demons, but why do we allow them to continue to have power over us.  When do we take that power back and start owning and being responsible for ourselves.  The old take the steering wheel of your vehicle. 

So today, I’m gathering my thoughts and will be starting my journey on Monday.  Yes, I know what my mind is saying and all you reading this are saying.  The old Monday trap.  Which is funny.  I’ve spoken to so many people about this.  We “try” to start our diet and exercise routine on Monday then Tuesday comes we cheat and then Wednesday comes and we full on stop and then we say (to make ourselves feel better) I will start again on Monday.  And the whole thing starts again the following Monday.

We will see what happens to me on this journey.  And I’m hoping that by writing this out I will be more accountable for myself as well as hopefully helping you the readers.  I’m always better and more motivated when I’m helping others rather than just myself.  The joys of an empath (more about that in another blog), but again this is a way of using your abilities or talents to enhance our lives rather than hinder them.  So I will hopefully by helping others also help myself.  

In these blogs I will discuss topics in all the areas body, mind and soul.

So, taking a deep breath here's to balance!