The Not So Medium, Medium!

Well, this is my first blog in this journey to become the best me, body, mind and soul.  In these blogs I will share with all of you my trials and tribulations when it comes to fitness, food, and well being.  I am 51, dancing with pre-menopause, which just makes this journey that much more difficult.  BUT, honestly I think there is hope.  I feel like I’m just PMS-ing 28 days of the month.  I’m craving food that I’ve never craved and I’m putting on weight even when I’m being “good”.  But.... I know I keep saying that, but….I really just want to be the best me.  If that isn’t a skinner version of me then I’m totally ok with that…well…not totally, but …. I am understanding that I want to look and feel better, and that doesn’t always come with being skinner.  

My name is Lisa Anne Rooney, I am a Spiritual Medium Life Coach and Author.  I spend my days in sessions with clients advising them with spirits help how to be the best them.  Yet in typical fashion I do not always listen to spirit for myself.  I do listen regarding spiritual advise, how to be the best me spiritually.  Honestly, though, if I’m being truthful, that isn’t that difficult for me, my spiritual abilities are strong and to connect to that is like breathing, it just comes naturally.  Where I struggle is the body and mind.  

I know that the mind is something that is a major deciding factor in our lives.  Mindset is everything and the soul and mind work hand in hand.  But having free will, thanks universe, we can screw up a lot of progress and block things from coming to us simply by our mindset.  

Our body, our vessel, if the mind is the captain, our body is our ship, the soul is the engine.  Without one the others don’t work.  If we can get them all working to their highest and best they will automatically work with each other bringing us into balance and allowing us to shine and be the best us.

Ok, so now you see that I totally get it in theory.  Putting it into practice is the goal and the challenge.  So, on this journey I’m going to “attempt” to figure out the easiest and simplest way of doing it.  And I know what my guides (spirits that are here to help us) will say, I’m complicating the situation.  It’s simply a choice, remove TRY from my sentences and replace it with “DO”!  As Yoda says “Do or Do not do…there is no try”.  

I know this is hundred percent true.  But why do I and others self-sabotage I know some of us have demons, but why do we allow them to continue to have power over us.  When do we take that power back and start owning and being responsible for ourselves.  The old take the steering wheel of your vehicle. 

So today, I’m gathering my thoughts and will be starting my journey on Monday.  Yes, I know what my mind is saying and all you reading this are saying.  The old Monday trap.  Which is funny.  I’ve spoken to so many people about this.  We “try” to start our diet and exercise routine on Monday then Tuesday comes we cheat and then Wednesday comes and we full on stop and then we say (to make ourselves feel better) I will start again on Monday.  And the whole thing starts again the following Monday.

We will see what happens to me on this journey.  And I’m hoping that by writing this out I will be more accountable for myself as well as hopefully helping you the readers.  I’m always better and more motivated when I’m helping others rather than just myself.  The joys of an empath (more about that in another blog), but again this is a way of using your abilities or talents to enhance our lives rather than hinder them.  So I will hopefully by helping others also help myself.  

In these blogs I will discuss topics in all the areas body, mind and soul.

So, taking a deep breath here's to balance!