A Shocking But Not So Shocking Outcome!


I have been doing the promotion for my book and I’ve had my miss steps and my up-hill challenges…not everyone embraces the concept of my book and what I do for a living.  I totally understand that, and I can appreciate other people’s belief systems. What I find the most interesting and sad is the people who won’t even listen to another view point. 


In this journey I’ve had to overcome many fears and learn many new skills.  The main one which I’ve talked about before is self-promotion!  I’m not a person who is great at tooting my own horn, but over the last few months I’ve slowly but surely learned to say “toot, toot”.  That is why when I contacted a local newspaper and the editor decided to do an article about me and my newly released book, I was very pleased with myself for stepping out of my comfort zone.  


The paper sent a photographer to take photos of me holding my book, I hurried down to the offices of the paper to leave a copy of my book for the journalist who was writing the piece.  A few weeks later I received interview questions from her and the article was set to be published. I was weirdly excited to see it in print!  I was proud of myself for doing the self-promotion, and I was wrapping my head around the community seeing an article about me and getting attention for myself and my book through it.  I felt great about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 


A week or so later another parent at my son’s drumline practice mentioned to me that his wife had seen the article and that she said it was a well written and a good article on me.  I was excited to get home to read it.  But what happened was confusing.  I rush in, pull out my computer type in the paper website and see the title of the article. I click on it and it isn’t there! What? It was taken down.  I wait a few days, meditating on it, many fears surfacing.  I finally reach out to the editor and the journalist.  No word back from them.  


Finally, about a week later the journalist reaches out and says….. “the article was pulled because other editors at the paper felt the topic was too sensitive.”  She informed me that a shorter version would be re-published.  Which it has, and it is a few nice lines, but not an article that I was hoping for.  But I guess I can look at it as great promotion for myself and my book.  I was really just hoping to be able to bring information forward about my message to more average people who are searching for a connection in their lives. 


It does make me sad that we, in this day are still closed minded to other ways of doing things.  That people are so closed minded to not educate themselves on other’s beliefs. I think if people did open themselves up to learning and listening, they may just find out that we are all not that different from each other.  We just all have different perspectives of the same thing.