I Do Not Have Any Psychic Abilities! Or Do you?


During my book tour I have heard this statement over and over again. People would come up to me to talk and say, “oh interesting topic but I don’t have anything like that, although once in awhile”…and they proceed to tell me stories of seeing things or thinking about someone and they call or just getting a feeling about a situation and it happens.  

My belief is that EVERYONE has some kind of ability.  I’m not a big fan of the word psychic.  So why is the title of my book what it is? Well the publishers felt it was a better title, and they had their reasons, (the definition of psychic is not what most people think) so I went along with it.  The word psychic to me is thought of in the outside world of spirituality (and actually even in the world of spirituality), as the ability to see the future, and even I don’t have that ability myself.  Inside the spiritual world we discuss the “clair’s”, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair this and clair that.  There is a clair for every type of ability out there. There is one for tasting, hearing, seeing, feeling, the list goes on.  “Clair” is French for clear, so it’s clear seeing, clear hearing, clear smelling etc.  Funnily enough my maiden name is Le Clair – the clear! Kind of interesting really.  

I really struggled with all the “clairs” when I was attempting to hone my abilities.  I, like many people out there do not fit solely into one “clair”.  For me once I honed my abilities, I learned that a lot of it has to do with the spirits around me and their abilities to communicate with me. Some may not be able to talk, others may not be able to show themselves to me, others may only let me know they are around by a smell.  So, I am not a single “clair”. 

I feel we all have the ability to connect to all the “clairs”, some just might be stronger for us than others.  Even after honing and using my abilities for years, I rarely get random messages for the future, it’s just not how my abilities work.  When I speak with spirit, they may inform me about a future happening, but I am only given that kind of information once in a while.  

My mission or one of them, because I have many! Is to show the “average” person who doesn’t think they have any abilities that they do and that they could enhance their life by connecting to it and using it to guide them in their life.  

To me these “psychic” abilities are an internal GPS that we all have, mine may work a bit differently than yours but yours works just as strongly as mine.  Imagine if we all learned to listen to that GPS, we would navigate situations at work, in relationships and personally a lot easier!! 

Many people feel they have random experiences and can’t explain why it happened, and those maybe random.  But everyone uses their abilities daily without even knowing that they do.  We constantly use them in our careers; we listen to our “gut” when we are making decisions, or we are driving and our “gut” tells us we should take this road and not that road; and we avoid being stuck in a traffic jam, we meet someone and we just feel something isn’t right or we feel that this person we can trust.  All of those situations are us listening or I should say hearing our spiritual abilities.  

Part of me doesn’t even like calling them spiritual abilities, it’s more our 6th sense.  And that 6th sense is all inclusive of the “clairs”.  We utilize our other 5 senses without even thinking about it, we touch something and feel, smell something, taste something, see something and hear something and it just happens.  The same applies to our 6th sense it just works.  And then there are those people who have one sense stronger than the others, super tasters as an example. But the fun and exciting thing is with all of our senses we can train and hone them to utilize them better to enhance our lives.  

It’s not about “psychic” paranormal abilities it’s that everyone of us has a 6th sense and we can all learn to enhance it and utilize that sense to help us navigate our lives.