Spiritual Development - Growth and Frustration!


Over the last year or so I have been on an incredible journey of growth.  As I explained in my book “A Survival Guide for those who have psychic abilities and don’t know what to do with them” how I work with my abilities now is completely different than how I worked with them 10 or 15 years ago.  But what I didn’t realize fully was how incredibly different and important this last year of growth has been.  

I slowly started noticing small changes over a year ago with how I was doing my sessions.  My clients didn’t notice a difference I was still providing them with all the information they required to move forward and be successful in their lives.  But I did, normally when I did sessions spirit was front and centre, they were showing themselves and in my face.  Now although I know that my clients loved ones are in the room when I’m doing a session, I’m working more closely with my guides to provide the information.  It is more about utilizing the information solely to aid the clients.  A couple of years ago although a majority of my sessions were life coaching with dead peoples help there was still an element of confirmation regarding who was visiting and providing the answers.  I still sort of fit into what people consider “a medium”.  Now my sessions have completely flipped to being full on life and mind set sessions.  I still get all my information from spirit, whether that is my clients guides, loved ones on the other side or mine.

As I’m writing this and reflecting on the last year of sessions, I just realized that I was starting to work more and more with people’s guides than their loved ones on the other side.  In the past I rarely saw guides! 

Why am I talking about all of this? Well, as my mentoring side of my business grows, I’m getting more and more questions from the students about “when”, and “will I ever”.  Developing any ability takes time, whether that’s spiritual abilities or learning an instrument, career movement or sports.  In order to hone anything, we need to focus, practice and use it.  You can’t learn to master the piano or become an NBA star in a 4-week class.  It depends on many factors, how much time you put into learning and practicing, how much natural ability you have, and the understanding that it isn’t about the destination it’s the journey!  

For me my journey to hone my abilities has taken me to places I’ve never thought I’d be.  I started out thinking I had one ability and what do I do with that.  Slowly and I mean slowly, and as I mentioned before a lot of that had to do with the fact that I didn’t embrace my natural abilities and I didn’t practice, I turned away from it as much as I could until I couldn’t turn away any longer.  It led me to doing medium and tarot readings, those readings turned into life coaching with spirit, reiki, and teaching.  It then led me to become a worldwide published author.  And now it seems that I’m moving in the direction of mind set, mentoring and helping others connect to themselves and the universe so they can have the best life they can!  And even after honing my abilities for almost 20 years they are still changing and evolving! 

Spiritual development is a journey! And not one of us has the same journey to walk.  As frustrating as I know it can be at times when you are attempting to learn, and hone and you do not feel like you are connecting to those lessons the key is to keep at it.  Never compare your journey to others, there are too many factors in each of our journeys why one person may be able to have results quicker than you.  And you may just end up having results in another area where others may not. 

But I’m sorry, I’m here to tell you with this blog that there is no end to the destination!  Hence why it’s not about the destination.  We may reach certain achievements only to continue on learning and changing to move towards the next.  And developing your spiritual abilities is exactly the same.  

It is a life time of learning, honing and growth (evolving)!  And to understand that is exciting! It is what life is about.  Constantly growing and evolving as a person and a soul and then seeing where it is leading you!

I remember when my husband was going to culinary school and he was being taught by an amazing man who is a French Master Chef – for those who don’t understand “Master Chef” isn’t just a name, it is a process and for lack of a better word a degree you earn, like “DR.” but it’s even more than that it is an intense process that a handful of chefs go through with multiple tests. With only a few coming out of the process earning the title!  It is VERY difficult to earn.  This Master Chef said to his class that after many years of honing and working he is still learning, he learns new skills and techniques daily whether that was from his students or other professionals.  His thoughts evolve with this information.  How he thought about preparing and presenting food is constantly changing.  And as a human the way he thought a kitchen should run has changed and evolved. Which has changed his perspective of life as well.  There is no destination for him, he is just constantly moving forward.

As frustrating as it can be to see no results, trust me if you keep going it will all connect.  But the one thing I constantly tell my students is the importance of a strong foundation.  If you focus on learning the key things, everything will move forward. 

What are those key things?  Patience, and letting go!  Both are extremely difficult to master but once you do it all starts to flow.  I will do blogs on how to work on achieving those in the coming days.  There are other elements to the foundation as well.  But those are two that change your spiritual development and your life as a whole!