Benefits of Reiki!!!!


Benefits of Reiki!!!!

As a Reiki Practitioner of course I’m a person who promotes the benefits of what Reiki can bring to a person.  But for people who really know me and know the way I approach my sessions and my business as a whole, they know that I’m skeptical about most things. I exam them and test them before I ever promote anything.  I need proof! 

When I first started Reiki, I thought to myself….”I have no idea if this is doing anything”.  I did treatments and I thought, maybe it’s just the fact that people are focused on feeling better and that they “think” they are being helped.  I knew my hands, which are normally cold, became extremely hot – to the point that clients would comment on the fact that they were so warm it felt like a heating pad. Or it’s a form of meditation, the client becomes so relaxed they are able to let go of certain strains and stresses that their body is holding.  

Now after years of doing reiki I realize it does work, it is all about energy and relaxation, which promotes healing in our body.  

I know many people out there who are Reiki Masters feel that Reiki does heal people, I agree and disagree with that statement.  I feel that the energy that flows in and around the body effects how our body works and by adjusting that energy, removing unhealthy negative energy, creating a better flow through the client’s body aids the body in healing.  That includes clearing and balancing the chakras.  

I know “chakra” sounds new age and out there.  But discussion and mention of chakras date back centuries. The best way I can explain a chakra is that they are the energy sources in our body, actually they are more like the pistons that keep the energy flowing within our body.  Think about an engine that has seven pistons moving constantly to keep our vehicle moving, if they are dirty and full of stuff that doesn’t allow them to move properly, even sticking and stopping completely, the vehicle will not run as smoothly as it should, if it will run at all.  And then what happens when one is completely stopped up with stuff it will affect the chakra next to it.  This will create the vehicle to break down, other parts of the vehicle will stop working, or will have difficulties because the fuel (energy) that helps the vehicle run will not be flowing through the vehicle properly. With a Reiki treatment the Reiki Practitioner is able to clear and balance the chakras, making sure they are working properly and moving together to promote a healthy energy flow allowing our bodies to function at its best. In meditation we are also able to cleanse our chakras and make sure they are balanced, but a Reiki treatment is similar as an oil change for your car.  It is a must for the average person to have on a regular basis, but if you run your vehicle (body) at a higher level, for example if you are an athlete or have a physically/mentally demanding job, or if you do a lot of physical activity you should be having Reiki treatments more often.

Reiki for athletes especially those practicing and competing regularly should add Reiki to their routine.  Reiki not only provides healing and muscle recovery after a game/race, it is a must before!  Pre-competition Reiki treatments, provide relaxation, mental focus, energy flow (giving the athlete better endurance as well as more protection against muscle injury). There are many professional athletes adding Reiki to their routines.  This goes for anyone who has a high stressed job.  

Like anything a Reiki treatment once a year will help you in the moment but will not have a total impact on your life, just like getting a message once a year.  In order to take advantage of the benefits that Reiki can bring to our lives and bodies you need to have treatments on a regular basis.  

The other thing I think is amazing about Reiki is that it doesn’t matter your age, Reiki will benefit you.  I have had the pleasure of doing Reiki on some children that are challenged with ADHD/ADD and their parents felt they’d never lie on my table for the full hour treatment, but after a few minutes the children relaxed and allowed the treatment to focus them and relax their constant need to move and helped them calm and focus their thoughts.  

The benefits that Reiki provides are numerous and priceless.