My Mission

Kokoro - the connecting of Body, Mind, and Spirit/Soul!!

I struggled for years with my gift - being able to talk and see the dead.  I always felt there had to be more to it. Why is someone able to have this gift? It can’t be just to tell someone that their loved one is fine and give people confirmation that they are still around.  There had to be more.  Slowly I started to realize that I was learning from the spirits that came to these readings, some would stick around others just had me look at things in different ways.  I noticed a trend in my sessions, it was all about empowering the client to move forward and live life, live in the now and embrace it all, the good, the bad and the ugly it is to be celebrated!  Learn and grow and evolve!  Be fulfilled, be complete, that is what the Universe and our loved ones want for us!  We all have different lessons, we will always have ups and downs, but it is how we deal with them that is important!  My goal is to empower people to face those lessons with faith and trust, walk through those fears and embrace life!!! Utilize their spiritual abilities, because we all have them, to enhance their lives and achieve their spiritual and life goals. To teach the importance of Kokoro and if we balance ourselves and achieve Kokoro our whole life will improve….body, mind and soul!