Spiritual Development Group Program

I have been very lucky to have been able to teach and assist people for almost 20 years in developing their spiritual abilities and their connections to themselves and the universe around us all! Giving my students the skills to be able to move through their lives easier and happier, letting go of day to day stresses and focusing on what they need to focus on to achieve their successes. 

My down to earth approach is perfect for people who have never attended any of these type of development classes but are interested, for novices they will appreciate my no-nonsense approach to the techniques I teach and the meditations I guide and for those people who find themselves in between, my approach to developing your spiritual abilities will assist you in achieving your goals quicker! 

These 4 week programs are customized to the each group.  I have designed multiple programs with multiple skill topics to give everyone what they are hoping to focus on.  If you do not see what you are looking for please let me know as I am excited to bring in more programs and to customize to your needs! 

Each week will include a couple meditations and then learning and focusing on different techniques to connect to the topics.  Spiritual development is a process, but it can be amazingly rewarding and really fun!  

Currently Program List;

-      Connecting to your abilities; what abilities do you have

-      Receiving messages; how do you receive

-      Meet my guides

-      Meditation for relaxation and connecting to myself and the universe

-      Connecting to the spirits around us

-      Energy, how do you connect to it, how does it affect you and how can you control it

-      How do I listen to my gut instincts to help me day to day in my life

-      Clearing your aura and cutting negativity cords from people in your life

-      Cleansing your aura and bringing positive vibes into your life

-      Manifesting – in meditation and in day to day life

These 4 week programs are designed to be layered and switched out enabling you to move from one to the other after the 4 weeks are up.  Or you may choose to stick with the same program for a number of sessions to master the skills you are looking to master.  Each week you will receive hand outs and homework to review the following week.  

Maximum people = 10 

Fee - $1000.00 for 4 week program

Location – TBD by client

Sessions – 2 hours long once a week